Individual Space Mastery

On Friday you will attend two keynote presentations (Jon Bergmann and Steve Griffiths) and work in a Cohort for 3.5 hours where you will delve deeply into practical, hands-on activities.

In each Cohort you will work with an experienced teacher across a number of session times to create hands-on, practical resources to take back to school and use immediately.

A range of Cohorts are available for those new to Flipped Learning and for Early Adopters who want to delve deeper into active learning in their classroom.

The standards the presenters will be working towards are:

  • Make sure pre-class media are short
  • Make sure pre-class media are intuitive
  • Make sure pre-class media contain the big idea
  • Hold students accountable for pre-class work
  • Use lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (remembering, understanding)
  • Strategically choose an appropriate medium for the pre-class media (text, annotated whiteboard video, screencast, plain video)
  • Focus on what you want to achieve in the group space when creating the individual space pre-work
  • Ensure there is a strong link between pre-class media and what happens in the classroom
  • Learn how to create flipped videos and other flipped media using the tools at your disposal
  • Ensure that videos include an appropriate mix of text, pictures, discussions between people, short integrated films, the instructor writing, narration
  • Make sure longer pre-class media are chunked into smaller pieces
  • Teach students how to interact with the pre-class media including taking notes and preparing questions for class
  • Introduce pre-class media with a prior knowledge question to activate student thinking
  • Include practical concrete activities that students can engage in during or after the pre-class media and tasks
  • Make sure pre-class tasks are meaningful and hook student interest
  • Ensure there are questions to test understanding of concepts in the pre-class media
  • Use information from students’ completion of pre-class tasks to inform instruction
  • Consider legal aspects in relation to the student's right to privacy and personal data in accordance with the laws of each country