Group Space Mastery

On Saturday you will attend two keynote presentations (Aimee Shackleton and Errol St.Clair Smith) and select from a range of break-out workshops to attend.

A range of workshops will be available and tagged for those new to Flipped Learning or the Early Adopters.

The standards the presenters will be working towards are:

  • Use higher levels of Bloom´s Taxonomy (applying, analyzing, evaluating, creating)
  • Establish clear expectations for student responsibilities during class time
  • Include practice activities at differing levels to ensure all students have materials to work from that are just above their current ability
  • Use a variety of active learning strategies in the group space such as Project Based Learning, Inquiry, Mastery, Genius Hour, and Peer Instruction
  • Model group space activities for students before starting the activity
  • Never lecture or explain the videos in classroom for those who did not do the pre-class media
  • Set up student-centered activities that encourage students to summarize the content of the pre-class media
  • Include activities that encourage students to create their own content
  • Require reflection at the end of each lesson
  • Be willing to fail at new group space activities and try again
  • Provide differentiation within the group space (tasks, outcomes, support, and resources)
  • Promote collaborative and group work
  • Use both digital and analog tools to foster students’ in-class work