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Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October 2019

Griffith University, Queensland College of Arts
Southbank Brisbane

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Headshot of Jonn Bergmann
Jon Bergmann

On Thursday 17 October 2019 spend the day with Jon Bergmann prior to the conference in a Masterclass: Breaking Through the Brick Wall to Reach Every Teacher: Coaching Coaches.

Have you flipped your class for so long and are frustrated that you are the only one flipping at your school?

Are you leading change at your school and yet few really change? Do you feel like you are hitting a brick wall and your school is not changing?

Come learn how to both motivate staff and coach teachers to real lasting change. In this Masterclass we will explore the Association of Active Learning Arts and Sciences Flipped Learning Leadership Standards.

The main outcome of this Masterclass is that you will walk away with your own action plan to implement Flipped Learning at your institution. The session is designed for teacher leaders, school mentors, and school administrators. The day will be flipped with at least two hours of pre-work required of each participant. Come prepared to work as this day will model active learning.

The objectives of the day are:

1. Create a Flipped Learning Change Action Plan
2. Introduce participants to the Flipped Learning Coaching Model
3. Explore practical technological solutions that work across the entire school
4. Identify barriers to your plan and help you to overcome the barriers.

Session 1: Start with the Why
Before you can initiate change, you must always convince others of the why of change. Learn compelling reasons why Flipped Learning can solve the root issues that teachers face. During this session, we will review the pre-work and begin your action plan.

Why people resist change - Learn the brain science behind why people resist change and how to plan meaningful, saleable change.

Morning Tea

Session 2: The Barriers to Change
What barriers do you expect to encounter with teachers/systems? What does brain research have to say about change? In this session, we will explore how to overcome the most common hurdles you will encounter.

A large portion of this session will be used to develop your action plan. Learn why and how to coach educators for optimal results. In this session, we will also take time to roleplay a variety of scenarios that a coach might face.


Sessions 3: Flipping PD to Model Good Practice
Probably the best way to bring about change is to model it in all of your interactions with teachers. This session will explore all the ways you can model change including flipping meetings, flipping PD, and giving teachers choice.

We will also finalise our action plans and have a time of reflection.

Don’t miss out on a ticket

Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October 2019

Griffith University, Queensland College of Arts
Southbank Brisbane

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